L.RAPHAEL’s Men Club Clinic is a unique concept of customized beauty treatments - the most advanced and high-quality beauty treatment packages in the world. L.RAPHAEL Geneve is a pioneer in anti-aging skincare, facials, hair treatments, hair styling, laser hair removal, anti-acne, massage and slimming. With state-of-the-art equipment, the clinic offers L.RAPHAEL’s advanced-technology oxygen treatments such as Oxy Peel and Oxy Scalp, as well as 4D Meso, photo-light therapy, microdermabrasion, cosmetic injections, fillers, EMS sculpting and more.

We occupy the fifth and the sixth floors of L.RAPHAEL’s Science of Beauty & Wellbeing flagship location in Geneva with a private entrance and its own elevator. 2 floors are entirely dedicated for men, with personal elevator and exclusive entrance at the address


Based in Switzerland, L.RAPHAEL is a five-star Beauty & Wellbeing Clinic and luxury skincare brand. For over 25 years, L.RAPHAEL has revolutionized the skincare and beauty industry with extensive research, advanced technology and its Seven Foundations of Beauty, a pioneering holistic lifestyle approach that has become a core philosophy in the wellness industry. L.RAPHAEL uniquely designs its treatments and skincare lines to reinvigorate the senses, restore peace of mind and deliver long-lasting benefits that help the brand’s loyal following look and feel their personal best.

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L.RAPHAEL is a Global brand with a worldwide reputation

Our Holistic Belief in the 7 Foundations of Beauty

Over 20k satisfied clients from all over the world

Our Treatments Are Scientifically Approved by Expert Doctors


Men Oxy Peel Treatment

This multi-step treatment rejuvenates skin and dramatically reverses the visible signs of aging. Firm skin, smooth away lines and wrinkles and restore radiance and elasticity.

Men Oxy Anti-Pigmentation Treatment

This advanced oxygen treatment evens the skin tone and offers superior anti-aging benefits. Beneath the surface of the skin to fade existing sun spots and age spots, firm, diminish lines and wrinkles. The result is younger looking, velvety-soft skin.

Men Oxy Eye Treatment

This superior eye treatment for all areas around your eyes. Removes dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. The delicate skin around the eyes will appear visibly smoother and the face will look revitalized and refreshed.

Men Oxy Peel Anti-Acne Treatment

Optimal treatment for acne and very oily skin. It purifies and helps the skin to better control its sebum production, reduce pore size and transform the skin into a healthier looking skin. Treating acne may help prevent all or most of the long term effects of acne.

Men Power Oxy & Caviar Lift

Rejuvenate the skin while creating a trimming effect and reducing other skin imperfections. Oxygen spray mixed with Caviar and LEC-40 has several beneficial effects: a unified skin texture, a lifting and brightening effect, improved elasticity and skin revitalization.

Men Diamond Oxy-Lift

This scientifically advanced and ultra-luxurious face and body treatment delivering unprecedented luminosity and reversing the visible signs of skin aging. Improves skin texture and tone, minimizes the appearance of lines, wrinkles, sun spots, stretch marks and rebuilds collagen and elastin for a firmer, younger-looking skin.

Men Oxy Scalp Anti-Hair Loss

This intensive treatment helps prevent hair loss and stimulates the body's natural hair growth for healthier hair and scalp. The results are thicker, healthier hair with unbelievable body and shine.

Men Oxy Slim

This treatment uses oxygen and L.RAPHAEL's exclusive Slimming Complex slim and reshape the body. Tighten the body for a slimmer, more youthful physique.

Men Oxy Slimming & Tightening

Stimulate blood flow, dispersing excess fat that collects just beneath the surface of the skin, leaving the skin feeling smoother and less "dimpled". The treatment includes a slimming massage using a unique slimming agent.

Men Oxy Anti-Aging, Slimming & Tightening

This is a slimming complex to tighten and tone the skin, reduce fat cells and diminish the visible signs of aging. The treatment includes a slimming massage using a unique gel.

Men Oxy Anti-Stretch Marks

(After weight loss, skin tightening) Diminish the appearance of stretch marks and leave skin radiant and revitalized. The treatment also includes a fat-burning massage and toning body oil to lift and firm skin at the same time restore its healthy look and vitality.

Laser Hair Removal

L.RAPHAEL's laser Hair Removal treatment uses advanced laser technology to permanently and painlessly remove unwanted hair. Laser hair removal works by passing a light beam through the skin to destroy the hair follicle, effectively preventing regrowth.

Men Triple-Treatment

Triple-action treatment which cleans, purifies, and rejuvenates the skin. Clean and refine the skin and pores, removes the impurities and treats the skin, revive tired skin cells and restore youthful radiance by tightening the pores.

Men Skin Tightening Face & Neck

This extraordinary Skin Tightening treatment to re uses short and long wave RF technology to stimulate collagen production rebuild the internal structure of the skin. Your skin immediately looks tighter and more toned. Experience this non-invasive revolutionary alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Men Face Sculpting

This treatment combines 3 revolutionary technologies: radio frequency, tightening and vacuum therapy to refine, sculpt and smooth your facial skin (face and neck) for a spectacular and long-lasting result.

Men Skin Cell Therapy

This treatment stimulates the body's natural biological repair mechanism, tissue building and collagen production in order to rebuild the skin structure which has been damaged and improve its quality.

Men Collagen Laser Booster

Focused laser application to stimulate collagen production to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Revealing a hydrated and radiant skin with an even texture and an immediate firmer appearance.

Men Photo Spot Rejuvenation

Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and the increase in skin firmness and elasticity are achieved using longer wavelength rays. Enhance the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin firmer and more supple.

Men Ultra Lift Face & Neck

This lifting and firming treatment utilizes ultrasound technology and electrical stimulation with the L.RAPHAEL Anti-Gravity II machine. Strengthens facial muscles to diminish fine lines, increase elasticity and improve microcirculation to promote a healthy glow.

Men Lipo 6 Body Sculpting

This treatment combines 3 revolutionary technologies: radio frequency, tightening and vacuum therapy to refine, sculpt and smooth your facial skin (face and neck) for a spectacular and long-lasting result.

Men Body Sculpting

This treatment combines 3 revolutionary technologies: radio frequency, tightening and vacuum therapy. Result: a considerable reduction in cellulite from the 1st session onwards, a perfectly shaped body and naturally firm skin.

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